Narrative Short: City of Strangers

New York set Narrative Short Film.

This was Lee’s senior film at NYU.

A lonely Young Man meets a Waitress working the late shift at a New York City diner. It is a chance encounter that should go nowhere, except that the Young Man notices a mysterious Cameraman stalking the Waitress, taking pictures of her from afar. As the night develops into a game of cat and mouse with the Cameraman, the Young Man’s motivations become muddied: is he following the Waitress to protect her or is he taking advantage of the situation to stalk her himself?
Craig Lee Thomas — Young Man
Lindsey Liberatore — Waitress
Tom Greenman — Cameraman
Shot on Kodak Vision 3, Super 16mm.
Developed and transferred at Postworks, NY.

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Writer and Director: CJ Hunt
Director of Photography: Lee Fritz
Sound: Jenna Morse
Produced by: Calm Dog Productions
Models: Zoe Metcalfe-Klaw, Mike Spara, Kyle June Williams, Ruby Wolf, CJ Hunt
Music: “Fall Asleep Under the Millions of Stars” by Springtide
Costume: Southern Costume Company

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